The Artistic Workshop

Over the years, Kosmolux has matured and refined an incomparable skill in selecting its supply of the purest Carrara marble and in choosing the most appropriate binding agents. This careful selection of raw materials requires expertise, experience and constant dedication: it is the first important step towards creating quality work.

The next important step is in mixing and filling the mould. Each project presents a unique set of challenges that requires the competence and experience of our team. The delicate fingers on a fine sculpture present different problems from the pedestal of a large fountain. Mixing is an art, handed down through time and is never improvised.

The second step is in preparation of the mould. Just as in the art of bronze sculpting, mould making for this process requires specific talent and experience. Our team understands the moulding needs specific to this material and the need for maintaining our moulds – including restoring high-use moulds to guarantee the best results – every time.

Kosmolux artists start with removing any excess material (flashing). Working with the fine tools of a sculptor, they adjust and clean the work, refining any lines or sculptural details. This is done with a care and attention that reflects the same care of the original artist: one slight mistake could change a whole piece’s look and spoil it forever.

The final finish of the piece has the same smooth surface similar to works by artists like Antonio Canova – but Kosmolux offers additional finishing options to meet various aesthetic or architectural needs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Antique White or Hand-painted finishes are possible. These natural marble finishes – like the bronze finish, one of most popular – are “artistic” inventions, carried out by hand with a paint brush – taking several coats and many masterly touches. look at our finishings

The care and attention doesn’t end with the finish – packaging a Kosmolux piece is an art in itself and can only be trusted to expert hands. But again, technology also comes to our aid: we produce a custom, polyurethane foam sleeve that helps to ensure total protection against any stress or damage that can occur during transportation. Packaging is the last link in this firm chain that requires- at every link - expertise, care and loving attention.

Perfection requires talent, expertise and dedication

What is the difference between a mere craftsperson and an artist? Both can be talented, but the artist has a focus that drives them to perfection – without fatigue, without boredom – they are dedicated to completing this perfection. In this sense, Kosmolux's staff of specialists is made of a team of true artists. Each artist is entrusted with their own work, which they carry out proudly and with a legitimate sense of jealousy that every artist carries over their own production.

Each step in this complex process is closely followed by our artists with the expertise, experience, inspiration and passion that results in pieces that exceed our customer’s expectations and earn their deep admiration.


Elena Corato

Business Manager


Aboagye Micheal

Polishing and Refinishing


Maurizio Cattelani

Mixing and Forming


Nadia Bonigoli



Alberto Fraccari

Polishing and Refinishing


Luca Morselli

Packaging and Shipping


Elisa Caramori

Office Worker


Enrico Guerresi