The Company

The “non-sculptured” marble

For over sixty years, Kosmolux has had the exclusive right to create works of art in reconstituted marble based on the original models of Italian master sculptors. This is done in a “Nobel” material, genuine Carrara marble.

Taking an extremely fine powder made from the best stone and mixing it with a special binder that gives the material added strength and cohesiveness, which represents every fine detail of the original artist’s work. This process gives the material a durability not matched by natural marble – our products are time-tested.

Marble as malleable as modelling clay

In comparison with items obtained from a single block of natural stone, Kosmolux’s creations better and more finely represent every tiny detail of the artist's work.


The exceptional mechanical resistance of reconstituted marble, its high rate of impermeability and its consequent resistance to the cold, mean that atmospheric elements practically have no effect on it as the analysis carried out in the university laboratories at Milan Polytechnic have certified. Durability in time is therefore equal to that of natural stone, particularly when the items are placed outside or in open-air environments.

economic advantage

Another important aspect not to be ignored is the considerable cost containment compared to traditional sculpturing - obviously an enormous economic advantage when several items are required in the same environment or architectonic context.